Durable pulley for high ropes courses

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TRAC GUIDE LT is a pulley designed for acrobatic courses at height.

Equipped with an ergonomic and captive carabiner, it allows the framer to quickly install the pulley on the rope with one hand.

By pivoting the carabiner, the pulley is held on the rope when it comes into contact with the end brake of the zip line.

The ends are equipped with stops to limit finger jamming and with two supports for connectors, avoiding their wear by rubbing on the cable.

The JOKO and AVENTEX lanyards fit directly onto the carabiner to make the whole thing waterproof.

The reinforced construction of the carabiner makes it more resistant to wet and salty environments.

The service life is optimized, thanks to the durable bearings and the detachable snap hooks and stops, which are available as spare parts.

  • Pulley designed for high acrobatic courses:
    – ergonomic and captive carabiner allowing the framer to very quickly install the pulley with one hand on the cable,
    – two in-line sheaves guaranteeing excellent stability during zip lines,
    – system allowing the carabiner to swivel, in order to maintain the pulley on the cable when it comes into contact with the end brake of the zip line,
    – front and rear stops limiting the risk of fingers getting stuck,
    – two connector storage supports limiting the risk of wear by rubbing on the cable,
    – integration of JOKO or AVENTEX lanyards directly on the carabiner, making the pulley/lanyard assembly impervious,
    – easy connection to the harness, thanks to the CARITRAC storage accessory (supplied).
  • Excellent durability for easy maintenance and optimized life:
    – single row ball bearings providing excellent durability,
    – carabiner with reinforced construction and hard anodization for better resistance to wet and salty environments,
    – flat stops for optimal contact between pulley and zip line end brake,
    – carabiner and stops removable and available as spares to optimize the life of the pulley.
  • Available individually or in groups of five.


  • Rope diameter: 9 to 13 mm (can also be used on rope)
  • Unit weight: 425 g
  • Material(s): aluminum body and carabiner, stainless steel sheave, polyamide
  • Certification(s): CE EN 17109, CE EN 12278, UKCA, UIAA
  • Maximum speed: 25 m/s


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