High-end climbing and mountaineering harnesses


Designed for intensive climbing and mountaineering, the high-end SITTA harness offers compactness, lightness and exceptional comfort. The WIREFRAME construction allows an extremely thin and flexible belt to ensure total freedom of movement. The four gear loops have optimal storage, so you can take all the equipment you need for advancing on ice or rock. High tenacity polyethylene tie-down points improve the rope’s friction resistance and enhance the durability of the harness.

  • Lightness, mobility and ultimate comfort:

– extremely thin and flexible waistbelt and leg loops, thanks to WIREFRAME technology. The HDPE (high tenacity polyethylene) threads deployed in the belt and the thighs provide optimal load distribution, without the need for foam. The extreme lightness and comfort allow the harness to be forgotten,

– very compact to free up space in the bag, – permanently adjusted elastic thigh loops and great flexibility of the thigh-trigger guard linkage providing total freedom of movement,

– belt and leg loops fitted with DOUBLEBACK HD buckles, in forged aluminum, allowing good grip and smooth sliding of the tightening strap for quick and easy adjustment.

  • Ability to transport a large quantity of material:

– two very large rigid front equipment carriers for transporting a lot of equipment and facilitating the clipping and unclipping of tools. Mobile dividers optimize storage and quick access of quickdraws, jammers, etc.

– two flexible rear equipment carriers allowing the equipment to be brought forward and compatible with the carrying of the backpack,

– two loops for CARITOOL tool holders, – a ring at the back for a hoisting rope or for storing relay equipment.

  • Improved durability:

– the glued construction of the belt avoids pressure points and offers optimal resistance to wear,

– the absence of through seams eliminates the compression points and the friction zones in the belt,

– robust outer fabric, abrasion resistant.

– reinforced tie-down points in high tenacity polyethylene (HDPE) for increased resistance to wear by friction of the rope,

Material (s): polyamide, polyester, EVA, polyurethane, aluminum, high tenacity polyethylene

Certification (s): CE EN 12277 type C, UIAA

Harness supplied in a transport and protection pouch

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