Oksybio100-EcoSterix Sport

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Virucidal disinfectant without rinsing, ready to use, for sports equipment and clothing (validated STOP COVID) biodegradable to 96%.



Oksybio100-EcoSterix Sport is a high-performance disinfectant product to be sprayed on sports equipment (shoes, gloves, bicycle helmets, riding helmets, ski helmets, tatami mats, floor mats, etc.) ; it allows excellent disinfection of regulators, mouthpieces, ARI, snorkels…:

direct spray application WITHOUT RINSING.

It is also very effective on all types of equipment and combinations, storage boxes and limits the development of unpleasant odors …

Easy to apply, it is a ready-to-use disinfectant, low foaming, more than 96% biodegradable.

Many professionals have so far selected it!



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