Via Ferrata lanyard with EASHOOK carabiners and anti-twist system

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The SCORPIO EASHOOK via ferrata lanyard is designed for users from 40 to 120 kg according to the EN 958 : 2017 standard.

It is equipped with two EASHOOK wide-opening carabiners suitable for all hand sizes.

The two retractable strands are equipped with an anti-twist system for a more comfortable practice.

Its great durability is suitable for both regular practitioners and rental parks.

  • Lanyard suitable for users from 40 to 120 kg:
    – lanyard compliant with EN 958: 2017 suitable for a wide range of user weights,
    – two elasticated strands with a large elongation capacity to fit all body sizes.
  • Comfortable to use:
    – ultra-compact tear-off absorption system (Petzl patent),
    – short connection of the lanyard to the harness to limit bulk when walking,
    – two elasticated strands mounted on a SWIVEL anti-twist system to facilitate handling,
    – a short strand to rest on a rung,
    – EASHOOK captive karabiners with an automatic locking system, suitable for all hand sizes.
  • Durable design for intensive use:
    – protective zippered cover to store and protect the energy absorber,
    – high durability of HDPE (high density polyethylene) retractable strands and aluminum carabiners,
    – suitable for more comfortable practice and intensive use (communities).


  • Lanyard length (without carabiners): – retracted: 84.5 cm, – extended: 115.5 cm, – short strand: 36 cm.
  • Material(s): high density polyethylene, polyester, aluminum
  • Certification(s): CE EN 958 : 2017, VG11 2013, UKCA, UIAA
  • Carabiners CE EN 12275 type K, UIAA

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