Ultra long waterproof socks.





Water is an element that can stop any adventurer. Water can destroy just about anything and seep in everywhere. In 10 minutes, rain can turn a pleasant expedition into a hellish journey. The foot is the first victim of rain. As the extremity of the body, it is extremely sensitive to temperature variations and humidity. The comfort of the foot determines the comfort of the rest of the body. It is a decisive point for the success of an expedition. DISCOVER waterproof socks are equipped with a waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane. They are characterized by their length up to the knees. They keep your feet dry in conditions of strong water projections or semi-immersion. They are designed with an inner layer of merino wool for comfort and temperature regulation.

100% waterproof (thanks to the internal membrane)
Breathable (micropores in the membrane)
Ultra long: height below the knees
Seamless: limitation of chafing and irritation
Inner layer : merino wool
Average weight 80g

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Weight 0,15 kg

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