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Canoeing Exit 17/07


Canoeing Output High Ain The Valley
On July 17, 2015

Champagnole-Crotenay sport background
Appointment 13:30 to Champagnole

28 Items

45,00 €


Compulsory equipment:

Boat (reserve on the website if you do not have the required hardware):

o rigid kayak skirt with white water (single seat)

o SAFARI GUMOTEX Inflatable kayak (single-seat)

o DAG Kayak sit on top SX280 (single seat)

o SOLAR GUMOTEX Inflatable kayak (single-seater or two-seater)

o Inflatable canoe or tandem GUMOTEX BARAKA PALAVA

Other mandatory accessories:

o A double paddle / person for kayaks
o A single paddle / person for canoes
o A life jacket suited to their weight and size / person
o A helmet for canoeing
o shoes with rigid soles (that hold the feet)
o Proper handling and protecting cold water and sun (various clothing items available for sale and to rent)


 o Open to children from 14 years accompanied by an adult
 o Know how to swim in deep water and be capacity submerge himself without panicking