Nordic Walking Sticks Rental (day)

Nordic walking sticks for rent by the day. Book online and come take your sticks from 10am to Intrépides cottage (returned before 18h).

To choose the size, see description below.


Sticks size guide

Choose your sticks length by multiplying your height by 0.7.

If you are a beginner, round the result to the lower value.

If you are insiders, round to the higher value.

Example :

  • You measure 1m75. (1,75×0,7 = 1.225)
  • If you are a beginner, choose sticks of 1.20m
  • If you are insiders, take sticks 1m25

Pick-up point(s) and opening :

You can collect your rental product at our 3 pick-up points depending on the season (Jura).
Come collect your product 15 to 30 minutes before the start of your rental.

  • Etival pick-up : All year
    Our Etival base is open all year to collect your rental products and purchases.
    39130 Etival (10 Rue Guillaume Apollinaire)
  • Clairvaux-les-Lacs pick-up : From May to September
    Opening from 11h to 20h from may to September on wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays
    7/7 in July / August
    Our base is located on the beach of the great Lake Clairvaux-les-Lacs next to the car park (39130 Clairvaux-les-Lacs)
  • Moirans-en-Montagne pick-up : From mid-june to mid-november
    Opening from 13h30 to 18h from mid-june to mid-november except on monday.
    Non-Stop 9h / 18h on week-end and high season.
    7/7 in July / August
    39260 Moirans-en-Montagne (Plateforme Via Ferrata)

Additional information

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